Sutton Community Home/Hillcrest View Assisted Living

Hannah Elliott - AdministratorHannah Elliott, Administrator

My name is Hannah Elliott and I currently reside in Seward with my husband, Kenny, and our three rescue cats, Emmet, Beatrix, and Potter. I originally hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin and yes, that does mean I wildly support the Packers and am a stockholder/owner. My husband and I met in Seward, Nebraska where I lived for 7 years before we moved to David City.


I began my college education at Concordia in Seward and graduated with degrees in Psychology, Behavioral Science, a certificate in Gerontology and a minor in Spanish. I began my graduate work in Gerontology with Oklahoma State University and quickly realized that Concordia was the place for me. I applied for Concordia’s Master’s program in Gerontology and once again felt like I was where I belonged.


It became apparent in college after working with Dr. Renea Gernant that Gerontology and working with aging adults was where I yearned to be the rest of my life. While working with her and discussing my future in nursing home administration, I knew that I needed to work on my comprehension and skills set in business. I applied to Concordia’s Master’s of Business Administration program and simultaneously worked my way through both programs to eventually earn a MA in Gerontology and an MBA. While in school, I volunteered with various aging adult services and worked in a management position in order to gain a better working-knowledge of business.


In my spare time I greatly enjoy international travel, birding, cooking, and reading which happen to be the things I rarely have time to do! However, my husband and I revel in trying new restaurants and adore spending time at home together and with our pets. We watch plenty of Packers football in the fall and have been to several games while visiting my family in Green Bay.


While I am not a Nebraska native I do admire the peacefulness of nature and the kindness of people here. I miss many things about Green Bay, but I so greatly delight in the community environment and involvement that I have grown accustomed to experiencing in rural Nebraska. This is home.


Contact Information:

1106 North Saunders
Sutton, Nebraska 68979
Phone: (402) 773-5557
Fax: (402) 773-5559

Sutton Community Home is a 31-bed Medicare/Medicaid Skilled Nursing Facility located in Sutton, Nebraska, just 30 miles east of Hastings on Highway 6. Sutton Community Home opened its doors in 1964 and continues to evolve in order to better fit the needs of its current population. The concept of “Culture Change” is embraced as we anticipate future generations of residents and their expectations.


In 2002, Hillcrest View Assisted Living was added onto the facility. Hillcrest View Assisted Living is an excellent alternative for those individuals of couples who no longer are able to live safely in their homes, but does not need the 24-hour care of a nursing home. The assisted living offers a social atmosphere and just enough assistance to maintain one’s highest level of independence and self-care.


If you are interested in residing at Sutton Community Home or Hillcrest View Assisted Living, please stop by the facility for a tour or call 402.773.5557 for further information. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you have about caring for you or your loved one.