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Our mission is to provide affordable management services to “stand-alone” communities. Independent communities that are not a part of a chain will find that they will need to spend an inordinate sum of money to operate a successful health care facility in today’s regulatory environment.

Please feel free to browse our site to learn the advantages of having Rural Health Development assist you with your health care management needs.

Rural Health Development was founded in 1990 for the sole purpose of helping communities and providers meet the health care needs of their citizens and patients.


Looking for billing solutions?

HHS Solutions, our sister company, specializes in medical billing and consulting. They offer competitive rates with experienced professionals able to handle all of your billing needs.
We are your solution!

Nursing Leadership and Staffing:

We offer in-services to fit every employee in your facility – from Managers to Aides – everyone is important and everyone has a role and a responsibility in the care of the resident!

HIPAA Specialists:

Ensuring your facility is compliant with the new HIPAA regulations is essential. Our personnel can assist you through the process of implementation and providing the tools to assure compliance in the new health information privacy regulations. Please call to see what RHD can do for your facility.

Know the Regulations… and how to comply:

We have experts who can help your employees have a better understanding in each of these areas with the result of a better quality of care to your residents.
Whether you are looking for consulting services or a full management contract for your community, we have the expertise and are ready to help. We can personally relate to the challenges facing rural America today. Opportunities do exist and our team will assist in achieving maximum results.

The Health Care business can be confusing, but you don’t have to go down this road alone

Ron Ross and Roger Petrik started RHD in 1990. As President of RHD, Ron provides leadership for the staff and their facilities.

“I believe the biggest reason for our success has been in delivering value to our customers. We enjoy an excellent reputation based on our ability to meet the needs of our clients, at a fair price.”
Ron Ross CEO

Ability and desire- the two traits necessary to get a job done! There is no substitute for experience and expertise, however, when we add the additional ingredient of passion, we have the recipe for success.

“Our clients deserve to contract with a company that has the skills and the drive necessary to make sure that quality work gets done in a timely manner.”
Ron Ross CEO

Ron served the State of Nebraska when Governor Mike Johanns appointed him to his Cabinet in 1999. His entrepreneur spirit helped him lead the Department of Health and Human Services (Nebraska) for five years at a time when the national economy forced State Government to improve programs with fewer resources. When the Nebraska State Treasurer resigned, the Governor asked Ron if he would fill out the remaining three years of the term. There were many candidates for this position but the Governor had confidence in Ron’s integrity and work ethic.
Since returning to RHD in 2007, Ron continues to help grow the company.

“We have expanded into Wyoming and Iowa, and with our facilities in Nebraska, RHD is starting to have a significant presence in the Mid-west.”
Ron Ross CEO

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