Alpine Village Retirement Center

Lucas Kaup - Administrator

Lucas Kaup, Administrator

Lucas Kaup joined the RHD team as an Administrator in May of 2013.  Lucas was born and raised in Stuart and has been involved in the long term care industry since 2005, when he joined the Parkside Manor team as a summer maintenance helper.  Lucas enjoyed working with the residents and he continued working summers and breaks at Parkside up until college graduation in 2011.  At that time Lucas accepted a position at Kaup’s Financial working as an income tax preparer and licensed insurance agent.  In 2013 the Administrator position became available and Lucas joined the RHD team at that time, working in the same facility that hired him for his first job!  Lucas enjoys working with the residents and staff and is thankful to be a part of Parkside Manor.  In November of 2016 Lucas expanded his career a bit and took on the duty of being the Administrator at both Parkside Manor in Stuart and Alpine Village in Verdigre.  Lucas enjoys what he does and enjoys getting to work with the residents and staff at both facilities.  Both facilities have a great reputation and we take pride in making them both the best that they can be!  Please stop in and check us out anytime.


Contact Information:

706 James Street
PO Box 130
Verdigre, NE 68783
Phone: (402) 668-2209
Fax: (402) 668-2335