Nursing Leadership and Staffing

We offer in-services to fit every employee in your facility – from Managers to Aides –everyone is important and everyone has a role and a responsibility in the care of the resident!

  • Director of Nursing
    • Leadership
    • Role responsibilities
  • Charge Nurses
    • Duties of the charge nurse
    • Importance of being a leader
  • Empowering the Nursing Assistant
    • Importance of the Nursing Assistant as a vital part of the team
    • How the Nursing Assistant’s care impacts the resident/survey process
  • Staff Competency / Evaluations
    • Importance of doing staff competency evaluations
    • When to do them
  • Staff Development
    • What is staff development
    • Importance of staff development
  • Abuse Regulations
    • New survey regulations reviewed
    • How to perform an investigation