The Lutheran Home

Donna Donna Schellenberger, Administrator

Hi, I’m Donna Schellenberger I have been the Administrator at The Lutheran Home since early 2009.

In 1983, I decided it was time to work on my education. I joined the US Air Force, and served my four years in Phoenix working in the hospital as a “906”, which translates to medical administration. While keeping Arizona safe, I earned my BS in Human Resources and have since obtained a Masters of Science in Health Services Administration.

I worked eight years for a home infusion company in the state of Nebraska, this position grew to managing three separate offices within the state and I was responsible for the success of the reimbursement department. Responsibilities included providing daily supervision and oversight of 15 reimbursement staff to ensure patient relations, claim accuracy, and third party billing that averaged $14M plus in annual AR

I am a former Executive Director of a Hospice in Iowa, for three years responsibilities included overall management of clinical, regulatory, administrative and financial direction of the agency. Essential Job Functions included Compliance, Staff Development, Administration, Financial Growth, Contractual Compliance, Customer Service, Code of Conduct and Business Ethics.

As a mother of two children, I love watching sports almost any kind will do, especially if one of them is participating. I really enjoy boating and spending time in the water. I am not a golfer, but spend plenty of time on the course beating up golf balls.

Contact Information:

530 South 26th Street
Omaha, NE 68105
Phone: (402) 346-3344

The Lutheran Home – Omaha
“Excellence in Christian Caring”

The Lutheran Home originally opened in 1931on 10th Street, 45 years later a new building was opened on 26th Street in Omaha, not far from the newly rejuvenated Mid Town area.

The first date of admission was April 9, 1931; the second resident was admitted May 10, 1931, date of birth December 28, 1858 and passed away October 4, 1943. These are just the first two of a many more residents, and each has a small piece of history.

This past winter I was able to provide a family member with a small piece of history from this book of treasures. And she truly expressed her gratitude.

Today, The Lutheran Home still cares for our seniors. In fact, many staff members have been here for more than a decade. They enjoy taking the extra time to get to know the residents well. We want them to feel at home.