Marketing Tools for Nursing Homes

Marketing Tools for Nursing Homes

Great tools for posting to social media and your own blog:

It is can be difficult to obtain pictures for social media posts on blog ideas especially if you have other job duties on top of marketing. Marketing sometimes can be pushed onto the backburner and left there. Luckily the internet can be a great place to share information and resources freely, so we have put together some great website to obtain marketing resources for free!

Pixabay – Free CC0 Images and Videos

Pixabay is the storehouse of CC0 images and videos. CC0 licensed media can be used for commercial application without the need to give attribution to the author. What does this mean for you: you can use these photos/videos to your hearts content without having to worry about paying for licensing or siting the source of the image. It is however possible for someone to upload something that’s copyrighted so you should defer that to you lawyer as we do not give law advice. Also you may need to note that some images on the site that have peoples’ faces may require their signature to use. So as long as an image or video doesn’t contain someones face you should feel confident to use it for your marketing purposes.

Pixabay contains many high quality photos that are on par with paid sites.

Stock photos can be a good addition to any blog post or social media post.




GIMP – Free Image Manipulation Software (similar to photoshop)

GIMP is the GNU open-source image manipulation software. It is completely free with no strings attached. It can do complex image manipulation down to just being able to add text to images.

With GIMP and pixabay you can create a ton of social media posts or blog posts.

Here are some GIMP tutorials:





Google Analytics – Free SEO tool for website hits and data

Google analytics can show you how many views your website gets and can show how users found your website. This free service is great to have in your marketing tool belt.

Here is a decent site giving a quick tutorial on Google Analytics





MOZ SEO – Free SEO analytics by MOZ

Moz is a company the sells SEO services, though they also provide free research tools for those who want to see how their website ranks.






Mitchell Care Center Spring Update

Mitchell Care Center is very excited about our first ever 5K and FUN RUN/Walk with a resident. We are hoping for a big turnout and getting everyone involved from the Nursing Home and Assisted Living. I am hoping that the residents families will sponsor their loved one and let us or maybe even them walk around our “Circle” block. This little jaunt will cost only 10.00 however the 5K will be $20.00 for adults and 15.00 for students and include a T-Shirt and a goodie bag. We in activities are wanting to promote family, fun, and good health. We are wanting to kick off the summer with a BANG and are also explore our options for a new fund raiser.

Glenwood Spring Update

Glenwood Spring Update

Springtime in Glenwood so far has brought many beautiful days for enjoying sunshine. We have had lots of opportunity to enjoy it and are keeping busy with spring cleanup and plans for beautifying our patios and other outdoor spaces.

With spring comes storms and we have taken the opportunity to review emergency preparedness procedures for fire and tornado safety. We are also beginning to work with our local Emergency Management Office to better understand the resources they have available to assist our facilities in updating our Emergency Preparedness Program in preparation for the new regulations coming this fall.

Additionally I would like to welcome our new Glen Haven Home Director of Nursing, Amanda Killin, RN BSN as of the beginning of March. We are excited about the clinical and leadership experience she brings to the team. Judy Lundvall has returned to the RN Program Coordinator role at Linnwood Estates and we are very appreciative for her efforts as our interim DON.

In the month of May we will be transitioning from our paper ADL charting to the Electronic Matrix Point of Care module. The team is excited about the improvement in our ability to coordinate, track and document the care we are providing to our skilled nursing residents.

Winter Driving Safety – Top 10 things to keep in your car

Winter Driving Safety:

It is always good to be prepared when traveling this winter by keeping some extra items in your car. If your car is stalled in a remote area and you don’t have the means to stay warm, your situation can turn dangerous quickly. So we have put together a top-ten list of things to keep in your car this winter:

  1. Windshield Scraper
  2. Ice Melt / Sand
  3. A shovel
  4. Blankets
  5. Extra Clothing
  6. Flashlight & extra batteries
  7. Jumper Cables (or spare battery) & Fix a Flat
  8. Emergency reflective plastic
  9. Dry food and Water
  10. First Aid Kit


  1. Radio
  2. Matches & Candles
  3. Walkie Talkie / CB
  4. Portable cell phone charger

Increased Costs Don’t Always Equate to Increased Revenue

Increased Costs Don’t Always Equate to Increased Revenue

As I have been working on each of the Facility Statistic files, I have noticed that our facility Medicaid rates have increased very little, if any. This is going to be a challenge for many of our facilities this coming year with our expenses increasing due to inflation. It is imperative that each of us keep a close track of our staffing time and assure we are meeting our residents’ needs as well as being a prudent “keeper” of the financial stability of our facilities. The file that is created for each of your facilities gives you a wealth of information, if it is used. We all know how important it is to watch our labor hours and what better way of doing so than to know our “hours per resident day” (HPRD) for each department. These files are being sent out as I receive your information and edit the last year’s file. If any of you need to have a “quick” refresher on how to use it, please let me know.

Windows XP is not HIPAA Compliant

Windows XP is not HIPAA Compliant

As of April 8th, 2014 Windows has decided to stop supporting Windows XP. This means that any machine running Windows XP is no longer HIPPA compliant.

Windows XP was released in August of 2001, and can be found on many old computers both in the home and in the workplace. One of the difficulties with upgrading your system to Windows 7 or 8 can be trying to run old proprietary applications. Many hospitals and nursing homes have their own software that they use that is not compatible with Windows 7. This means that you may have to upgrade your software as well as your old Windows machine.
Why is XP not HIPAA Compliant?
As of April of 2014, Windows has stopped giving updates and security patches for Windows XP. This means that information is not completely secure and no future security updates will be available. According to HIPAA you have to have measures in place keeping electronic health information secure from people who are not authorized to access it.

What do you do if your facility is still running a device on Windows XP?
You will want to talk to your vendors and see if your proprietary software is compatible with the upgrade and get an inventory of all the devices that need upgrading. You will also want to see if you should upgrade the software or buy new desktop computers. Windows XP requires less resources and upgrading an old computer to Windows 7 or 8 can make the computer run a lot slower depending on its hardware.

Cost Report Services

On-Site Administration

RHD has experience recruiting excellent administrator candidates, and we believe in working with our managed facilities on selecting the optimal fit for their community. With a management contract, RHD will employ the administrator. This provides both the facility and the administrator with many benefits. RHD can often attract a stronger administrator candidate than an independent facility can on its own, as RHD has the advantage of being able to offer the administrator benefits that an independent facility might not be able to afford to offer all of its employees (health insurance, 401(k) matching, etc). RHD also provides many continuing education hours to our administrators, keeping them up-to-date on the evolving world of health care management. Additionally, the facility can see additional efficiencies because RHD is better equipped to keep a pulse on the day-to-day happenings of the facility by directly employing the administrator.

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