Mitchell Care Center Spring Update

Mitchell Care Center is very excited about our first ever 5K and FUN RUN/Walk with a resident. We are hoping for a big turnout and getting everyone involved from the Nursing Home and Assisted Living. I am hoping that the residents families will sponsor their loved one and let us or maybe even them walk around our “Circle” block. This little jaunt will cost only 10.00 however the 5K will be $20.00 for adults and 15.00 for students and include a T-Shirt and a goodie bag. We in activities are wanting to promote family, fun, and good health. We are wanting to kick off the summer with a BANG and are also explore our options for a new fund raiser.

Glenwood Spring Update

Glenwood Spring Update

Springtime in Glenwood so far has brought many beautiful days for enjoying sunshine. We have had lots of opportunity to enjoy it and are keeping busy with spring cleanup and plans for beautifying our patios and other outdoor spaces.

With spring comes storms and we have taken the opportunity to review emergency preparedness procedures for fire and tornado safety. We are also beginning to work with our local Emergency Management Office to better understand the resources they have available to assist our facilities in updating our Emergency Preparedness Program in preparation for the new regulations coming this fall.

Additionally I would like to welcome our new Glen Haven Home Director of Nursing, Amanda Killin, RN BSN as of the beginning of March. We are excited about the clinical and leadership experience she brings to the team. Judy Lundvall has returned to the RN Program Coordinator role at Linnwood Estates and we are very appreciative for her efforts as our interim DON.

In the month of May we will be transitioning from our paper ADL charting to the Electronic Matrix Point of Care module. The team is excited about the improvement in our ability to coordinate, track and document the care we are providing to our skilled nursing residents.

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